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How to Remove Fruit Juice Stains from Carpet at Home?

Fruit Juice is just one of those unattractive stains that usually make us panic. With the vibrant shade and negative reputation, Peoples often believes that cleaning a fruit juice stain from the carpet is destined to be difficult and required plenty of effort. But In case you commence spot treatment immediately with these treatment methods you will probably find the opposite to be true. Wiping out fruit juice stains is actually something you can perform on your own.


Due to the drying effects of citric acid, lemon juice is ideal for eliminating juice mars on the carpet. For this particular method, you will require some fresh lemon juice, a sponge or cloth, a soft bristle brush, and a clean cloth or paper towel, and in certain cases a little white vinegar. To get started, Wet the cloth or sponge with some water and absorb the juice from the carpeting from the outside|externally. Now Dump fresh lemon juice immediately onto the stain and rehearse a clean dry cloth or paper towel to mark. The trick more often works. Just in case, it fails to satisfy you consider using a little white vinegar straight away to the stain and repeat the same procedures used with the lemon juice with the vinegar until the stain elevates from the carpet fibers.


Sometimes as simple as club soda can be quite a great choice to clear out the fruit juice spots from the carpet. To get the ideal outcome with club soda, you will require two clean cloths or sponges, club soda, and a few table salt. Drenched a clean cloth with a lucrative quantity of club soda. Now Push the cloth directly on top of the spot (don’t rub the stain) to soak up the juice. Keep carrying out it until the stain is no more obvious.

With one of these two methods, you will be able to take off the juice even grape spots from the carpet. Assuming if none of the techniques does the job, try our professional carpet cleaning service. We ensure that you will be pleased by the end of the day.