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Rug Cleaning Central Coast

There are a few things people turn to when looking for things to spice up the look of their houses. Curtains for one thing. Mirrors and dressers for another. But there are few options as common and affordable as rugs. They’re small, they’re cute, they come in thousands of designs, and they’re very affordable if you know where to look, though the price can vary greatly depending on the material and creator. But after a while, they can end up looking a bit worn down. The dust settles deeply, the material can get trampled down from being walked all over, and the colour can dim down. Now you have two options. Either throw it away and get a new one or get it professionally cleaned. If you’re particularly attached to that certain rug, then we have an option for you.

At Busy Bee, Carpet Cleaning Central Coast we offer eco-friendly options of getting your rugs cleaned among a variety of other services. Your rugs will be picked up, professionally cleaned by this 30+-year-old service, and returned to you better looking than when they were brand new.

It might be tempting to DIY at home, and you might be itching to try that hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture hack that you saw online, but be warned, you might end up with patchy colours, or no colours at all, and a ruined rug instead of what could have been good as new. So instead of walking down a path of regrets and ruined rugs, opt for the vacuuming and steaming services offered by Carpet Cleaning Central Coast and enjoy your brand new looking rug piece.